21 June 2007

Green and Silver Corsage - £7.50 (GBP) - SOLD

Hand carded green felt flower, with black glitter organza and finished of with a stunning silver button. Gorgeous darling! 105mm diameter.

You know, images are a bit like a bus.. you don't see one for HOURS and then three all come at once! As you have probably guessed ... Yes! I have finally got my camera pictures down loaded, so, I have lots of lovely things to show you... but I'm going to make them last... keep checking my blog and I'll keep adding pictures for you.

Must dash the weather if fantastic and sunny, so I must get out and play with the girls, finish some glazing and get ready for tonight's class.. not to much to do really!

Red and Pearl Corsage - £7.50 (GBP) - SOLD

Hand carded red felt flower with white cotton stitching, embellished with mother of pearl and pearl buttons ~ a fabulous flamboyant corsage. 105mm diameter.

Felt Corsage Brooch - £7.50 each (GBP)

Here we have some examples of my corsage brooches. They are great fun and the perfect size to post, so make ideal presents for that flamboyant friend who has everything ... or ... even better ... spoil yourself!

They are all hand sewn and lovingly put together, embellished with various buttons to complement the colours and sometimes I add layers of organza to soften the felt background flower. I adore making these corsages, they are such fun to put together. I tend to make them it in large batches so that I can really immerse myself and find that perfect combination.

I think it is that wonder of going through Granny's button box, which is a huge collection and full of fantastic buttons ~ I remember loving playing, sorting and marvelling at them as a child. Something I find my girls enjoying too. It has that wonderful eclectic, treasure trove feeling and it always throws up surprises, I always seem to find buckles and buttons that I've not noticed before even though I go through it many many times. The button collecting thing is a little addictive too, as I now find myself buying and adding to the collection. I'll post some individual corsages for you to see and some close ups too, if you see any you would like to buy, email me and I'll check if I still have it first, as they are extremely popular and sell as fast as I can make them.

13 June 2007

Artwork Underway - Phew!

I have been beavering away, trying not to get too distracted (like just now!) and produce some work for these exhibitions in July and August.
I also have my own big exhibition at my studio gallery Platform 22, which is part of North East Open Studios (NEOS) ~ this is a fantastic event where artists, makers, and galleries open their doors to the public over 10 days. Platform 22 first opened with NEOS for our big launch 2 years ago, and make it my annual big exhibition, and ask artist friends to join me at the gallery.
I have just joined the NEOS committee, so I am all excited and enthusing about it! Do have a look at the links so see how diverse its and if you are about in September take the time to check out some of the places open... especially me!

This last week I made some more sculptural vases like the "Black Gold" shown in an earlier post. They are not nearly as big, but I'm hoping they will still make a big impact.
I like lining them up and seeing not only the vessels as individual artworks, but also as a continual pattern ~ drawing on the spaces in-between each piece playing with the negative and positive shapes created. Its an odd image to describe, so I'll take a photograph to show you.
A lot of people don't see it at first and then realise the potential combinations, it becomes quiet infectious ~ and they want me to rearrange them to their preference! So in a sense it becomes an interchangeable installation.

I have also made a start on some figures. But I'll let you know how they are coming on another day. I must tidy my studio for my sister-in-laws "Memory on Fabric" class tomorrow morning! At the moment there is rather a lot of clay strewn about the studio, which I don't think Annabel or her students will appreciate!

Sorry no pictures still, must get the pictures downloaded off the camera by the hubby. Bye for now!

9 June 2007

Under Presure

Its been a little while since my last post, I must apologise! I don't know where time goes. Well what have I been doing... Since my last post...

I have started some pottery classes at Platform 22, which are filling up quickly. if you are interested they are listed in the right hand column of my blog page. It's great being busy, but daunting too... I always feel I might have forgotten something!

On the creative side to my life, I have finally managed to pick up some clay and start creating. It hit me the other day that we are in JUNE! Oh my! Next month I have 2 exhibitions to prepare for... and no work to sell or exhibit... in fact I should say 3 exhibits, as I always forget that Platform 22 Gallery needs my art work too! So, I have no choice to get making! Forget indulging in exploring my most inner feelings that I might want to express ~ I'm going to discover it as I develop the works... even if it isn't the way I intended. But it has meant I have had to stop being so precious and GET ON WITH IT! No more procrastinating!

Its funny how quickly you get so out of practice, and when starting new ideas you forget how long it takes to actually make and finish something. I seem to take two steps forward and then very quickly three back! I am very happy with the work I produced last week, although David will say I was a very grumpy artist (or something rude!), whilst I was working. Well, I was ~ creative stress you know! Sorry darling!
I think because I'm juggling my days between family life, the children and all that goes with them, plus house things (like cleaning etc.. which never seems to get done, unless a visitor/friend/family pops by and then its a panic of dusters, cleaning and hoovering!), then there is my teaching, and finally the various committees I work with.. time is a precious thing, and energy is another matter altogether! Sadly it means generally that my work gets left until last... something is going to have to give so I can work on my work. I'm not complaining (much), but simpler would be nicer!

Artist are their own worst enemy. We say silly comments like "I'm toying with this idea" or "I'm playing about with the materials" ... no wonder everyone thinks its an easy life! I may well say I'm playing with something, but you can be sure I'm certainly not. Stressing, working out logistics and techniques, worrying and of course working jolly hard to get it right. No I'm not grumpy, I'm working my whole ass off ~ from the tips of my fingers, through my body strength, up to the top of my head... brain workout! Its no help that I'm a perfectionist too!

Wow, another verbal pour! I never think I have anything to say when I start a new post and wonder if I need pictures to help fill the page, but really its not a problem. OK, its nice to see images to catch the eye, but I obviously need not worry about having to compensate for the lack of words. Oh no ~ I'm off again! STOP EMMA PATTULLO! You have said enough for one day!!!

See you soon...............