17 May 2007

Ceramic Art-Work Montage

I seem to be permanently sat at my computer (as you can probably tell), if it is not trying to set up my web site for Platform 22, its organising this very exciting group with my sister-in-law for artists with similar interests to exchange ideas, or, trying to put new posts with images for you to see... or procrastinating!

I haven't got any work done for a while now and I'm feeling VERY frustrated. Next week I am setting my self a goal to make a start on some new sculptural work.

Since I have not managed to show you any images for a while, I thought I would pop in a montage of work that I'm thinking of putting on the web site! It shows just how varied my work can be at times! And I'm longing to start creating some more pieces!

11 May 2007

More Computer Mayhem!! AGHHH!!

I am so sorry! I have not been able to post any pictures for a while now, but you would not believe the chaos that has landed on us with computers.
I have finally got my computer sorted. Phew! And I was just about to get David to put my pictures on to a disc, so I can show you my commission... but as I was opening my mouth... his crashed too... POOP!

Anyway, no more grumbling about computers.. here is some snippets of my latest news:
  1. I am at a stale-mate with the tile man who I have had to subcontract to, so I cannot do any more work until I know he is able do do the work for me. If I can't get the tiles... then its a BIG re-think as to how to do the job. But I have made a great sample section to show you!
  2. I am still painting that very large canvas... (the one that killed my clay figure!)... Its very different work/approach to painting compared to a still life, but an enjoyable challenge!
  3. I've been very busy with the children. I can't think what exactly but we feel busy! Oh yes!!! We have been looking at baby guinea-pigs, aghhh so adorable! It doesn't take much for the maternal hormones to start raging, and I mean RAGING!!! Oh well I'll have to settle for a guinea-pig, it will just have to do!
  4. Oh yes! Platform 22 opened our Gallery Cafe for the first time last weekend (May bank holiday). For now it will only be open at the weekends, but if it is going well by the summer holidays we might open it full time. So if you are passing and fancy dropping by, do! Come join us, have a coffee and a delicious homemade cake, or what ever tickles your taste buds and of course enjoy the art work! We are open 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and 2pm to 5 pm on Sundays.
That's it for today, I will try to get some images for you soon, so keep looking!

2 May 2007

Computer Mayhem

Well it is one of those irritating things! Once you have one its difficult not to have one... COMPUTERS! I don't know what has happened, but mine has had a mid-life crisis!

It half works... I can just about get on line (I'm risking writing this post to you), but I cannot get to my emails and it is a real bummer! Then when I think everything is OK, it says I've done something illegal? What does that mean? I'm just typing!!!!! AGHHHH!
I wish I made paper proofs of all sorts of things, or at least popped the important bits on to a disc... You always kid yourself that you will do it tomorrow or next week ~ but I never do! And I keep asking my darling hubby to help me, but it never happens & then this happens! POOP!

So bare with me over the next few days while I find a nice computer literate person to help me!