20 August 2007

New web site

I have decided to set up my own web site which you can have a look at. I was inspired by Gwen Black's web page with Spanglefish (please see link), and decided, if I can get this blog going, I can make my own web site too! At the moment its all written words, and I'm about to start incorporating my images ~ so do take a look, its listed under my blog links. Let me know what you think!

Tomorrow is my last Aboyne and Deeside pottery sessions. It always amazes me (Sorry! I've said this before), but you give each individual in the class the same size of lump of clay and the work that is produced at the end of the session is always so different. I'm not speaking about quality or quantity, but the approach to the material and what is created. Some people are very timid and need their hands held while other are really quiet gungho! And the work can either be detailed, concentrated or protective, while other pieces produced feel rather zesty, experimental and liberating. It is also exhausting! So over the last 9 weeks I have seen a huge array of work and approaches (some of which has inspired me with my own work), so, I will download some images for you tomorrow.

Its been an interesting and fun time over the summer (forgetting the weather), and although I have enjoyed the pottery classes enormously, I'm glad they have now come to an end. I'll do them again next year, and some more evening classes come late September through to December. But, my own work is pressing ~ getting ready for NEOS'07, sorting out my commission and it is time to move on.

11 August 2007

Holidays and work! Work!! WORK!!!

I haven't posted for a while now. I have got caught up with the holidays, children and the shop open 7 days a week as well as...

My Pottery morning sessions at Platform 22 and one at Woodend Barn, which are all going swimming-Ly well! It always amazes me the different work people make with the same sized lump of clay. I love it!

My BIG commission ... this has hit a huge glitch. All started so well, I painted the owl, bats, cockerel, foxgloves, butterflies, bees, moth, robin and a fabulous squirrel ~ popped them into the kiln and started on the tree ... But when I opened the kiln ... DISASTER! More than half the tiles had split in a very unusual way. So I have spent the last two weeks trying to sort out why this is happening and how to fix it. I have lost so many tiles now its just unfunny. My clients are away until this weekend and I can't progress. This sort of stress and upset I can do without, and I don't cope very well... there have been many tears this week. But as my hubby keeps saying "It will be alright in the end, we just have to get there!" I hope so (A LOT!).

Artaboyne Exhibition went very well. The exhibit was hung really well and the work this year was of a great standard and of such variety (I think I have told you this already) ... Anyway I sold out, which is even better!

I've had a boost in more commission work, which I am just about keeping up with, just one more to go.

And now I am frantically working towards NEOS'07 too. I have no work left from exhibitions to pass on... so the pressure is on. I luckily work well under this type of pressure... it forces the flow and you HAVE to just do it!

This year has been amazing so far, what with taking the time to paint as well as do my pottery and its been really interesting for me to keep my thoughts on this blog, it seems to make me think much more about what I am making and why. May be it is just expressing myself through words ~ this is something I have never felt comfortable with... the blog seems detached and nonthreatening and so I'm able to waffle on! Maybe by doing all these experiments and exercises, I am more fulfilled with what I am making, therefore this could be why my work is doing so much better this year?!

Keep watching... Bye for now!