15 April 2009

Unexpected Day

We have a wonderful bright, up beat spring exhibition at the moment, with work by Lesley Cullan, Alan Steele, Shelley Tuck and all sorts my ceramics that I've been trying out. Do pop in if you are in the area, we'd love to see you!

David and I debated last Sunday if we should be open for Easter Monday ... I wasn't sure & kind of felt I wanted time away from the shop ... but decided to unofficially open as we knew that I would be in the gallery anyway!!

Monday was such a beautiful day and warm, so we left the shop door open and I tried to finish a commission for a 25th Anniversary platter ... TRIED being the word!

We were VERY busy and shop sales were fantastic, so, I guess we will be doing the same next year!! I love days like that .. the biggest problem was finding work quickly to hang on the walls, so that there wasn't a gapping hole for Tuesday! NO I'm not complaing!!!

11 April 2009

A year gone by!

I don't know where this last year has gone to! So much is happening at the minute, but we seem to be stuck in a state of waiting to hear back from so many people in order to move forward! If that makes any sense.

We are planing a big change for Platform 22's Shop ~ demolish and rebuilding a space where everything has its own spot, and not everything in one room (almost). Got to find the money!!!!!

I have had fun the early months of this year experimenting and playing with some ideas, which seem to be rather popular ~ dare I say it! But a little fine tuning over time and I'll be very happy with the work.

Do check out the Platform 22 new look website, and if you would like to be sent the newsletter we have just started this year ~ do sign up! Nearly forgot to mention the ON LINE SHOP!!! There are some lovely pieces on there, so do take a peek and hopefully be tempted!!!

I have also put together a web page for myself, if you like a look ... its still in the making, but progressing nicely I think! Check it out at http://www.spanglefish.com/EmmaPattullo/

I will try very hard now to keep this blog up to date and post images as new work and ranges are established. I will no doubt waffle to much and have some disasters along the way, which will hopefully make for good reading!!!

That's it for now and I'll blog soon.