8 July 2007


I've just heard that 2 of my trio of platters sold at the private viewing evening for the Deeside Artists Exhibition. I'm so chuffed, because, I so nearly didn't put them in at the last minute! Funnily enough, it was the Butterfly Platter and the Robin Redbreast Platter that sold, which I wasn't expecting to sell first. I am rather fond of the bumble bees (as well as being secretly proud of them) and so I thought that the Bumble Bee Platter would be the first to be sold.

What's even better ... is that I have heard (through the gossip line) that a gallery loves them and wants me to put together an exhibition ... but I don't know who yet! They will have to wait ... a little bit!

So much to do and so little time, of course! So, I must stop typing and go see my children, as the holidays have just started and I want to spend time with them this summer ... even if the weather is rubbish and it's nearly supper time!!!

I'll post again soon with more images ... so keep looking!


Annabel said...

Hi Emma
Im chuffed for you that you sold your platters! Well done!
love Annabel

Emma Pattullo said...

Hi Annabel,
It gets better... I just found out that I sold 4 of my prints today too! Yippie!
It make such a difference, knowing that your not working away in vain!
I am wearing a big smile today!
Thanks for the message Annabel, its great to see that someone is looking at my waffle!
Hope all is well in Germany and send all our love to Gerhard.
LOL Emma