5 March 2007

Capsicum - £55 (GBP) SOLD

A still life of two capsicums in acrylics on box canvas, the painting continues around the edges. It is ready to hang and there is no need to frame.
200mm x 200mm x 20mm.

These I found a challenge to paint, but I really enjoyed painting the stalk for some peculiar reason! I intended to paint a regular pepper, but my husband bought these for me instead. Beautiful, long, ripe, red capsicums. I was going to paint them from another angle to show off their contours & length, but realised that I would not be able to paint for a few day later... so... I decided after painting them that I would especially enjoyed eating them for our supper instead! We had them roasted with butternut and bacon! YUM!
Hope you enjoy the painting as much as I did painting and eating them!

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