9 March 2007

Lemon in Metal Bowl - £55 (GBP) SOLD

Acrylic painting of a lemon on a box canvas, the picture continues around the edges so there is no need to frame.
200mm x 200mm x 20mm

Here is a study I did of a lemon in this great little bowl I found at the school's jumble sale. I knew I wanted a lemon in it! I have really started to look at everyday objects in a very different light, since taking up painting. I'm enjoying exploring and painting things up close and personal. Getting a really good look at something that we might just pass over or take for granted.

Well, a very short and sweet post today, I have just started a picture of a pomegranate... so want to get on with it! You'll see it soon!

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Martin cow moomoo said...

Oh, I love pomegranets.. eating them, drinking the juice and drawing them.... Can't wait to see yours.