26 April 2007

Calmed down now!!!

I'm back from my disastrous break and tantrum! David managed to persuade me not to bin the figure and we have glued her back together as best as we can. I'll take some photographs for my portfolio and my eldest will have her wish.. its hers and not for sale!

This break has really set me back in this creative streak. But I am beginning to be calm enough to let myself do some work. At least it has made me stop for some thinking time. I guess it proved to me that I was just taking on a little or a lottle too much at one time.

I cannot get back to the large painting that slipped and broke the figure. It's just got stuck in a rut for now, but hey ho I'll do it sometime soon. At the same time as dismissing the painting it suddenly occurred to me that I preferred the figure when she was the rich clay brown colour, rather than the terracotta orange. Then I remembered that I had lots of dark black clay left over from some work I did at the beginning of last year, so I'm going to start another figure in this smooth black clay.

I'm off again! Well kind of, I'm not starting it straight away ~ I'm going to ponder over it a little bit more.

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